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3 Reasons Why Wearing Knee Protection While Playing Sports Will Keep You Active Longer

Posted by Rachael Straub on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 | No Comments »



Our knees take quite a beating and have very little protection on their own. There is only a thin layer of skin and muscle protecting your kneecap. From running, stopping, diving and jumping, your knees work harder than most parts of your body. Here are 3 simple reasons why wearing knee protection during sports activity and exercise can keep you active longer.

1. Injury Reduction

It’s no mystery that kneepads can protect you from serious injuries. According to the “American Journal of Epidemiology,” nearly 20,000 student sport seasons revealed a 56 percent decrease in knee injuries in students who wore kneepads in sports such as softball, cheerleading, and basketball. Padding prevents breaks whether your kneecap makes contact with hard floor, wall or concrete.

2. Support

Kneepads can also offer superior support to one’s knees. They reduce the possibility of overextending your knee or having it collapse while exercising or partaking in sports activity. The stretchy sleeve of the kneepad that stretches over the back of your knee provides support and protection to your knee muscles and ligaments.

3. Improved Performance

Playing a sport or exercising without protection might cause an Athlete to be hesitant, especially, if the athlete is diving on a hard floor or is at risk of falling multiple times. Knee protection gives an athlete the confidence to dive, run, and play to the best of their ability. For those athletes who have suffered previously from knee injuries, it is most important that you wear knee protection so you can prevent any further injury and keep yourself in active for more years to come.

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