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Common Design and Market Trends Discovered At 2013 Winter/Spring Asian Footwear and Sports Trade Shows

Posted by Vicky Zeng on Monday, May 6th, 2013 | No Comments »

Coming from a busy trade show circuit, exhibiting at ISPO Beijing, APLF – Materials, Manufacturing and Technology (MM&T) Show in Hong Kong and Jinjiang Footwear Expo, we’ve seen a number of common trends at the 2013 Asian footwear and sports trade shows that have taken place thus far.

2013 Asian footwear and sports trade shows

Common Market Trends

1.  Big athletic brands are focusing more on the outdoor market rather than their traditional gym and professional sports business.  Adidas, Nike and Lining are launching new products for the outdoor market along with promoting and positioning their brands as such.  For example, at the ISPO Beijing show 2013, Lining had a big booth with the slogan “Adventure Can be Found Everywhere”, encouraging people to get outdoors more for fun.  The title of Adidas’s booth, another ISPO Beijing exhibitor, was Adidas Outdoor.

2.  With regards to the traditional footwear market, manufacturers – whether finished products producers or material suppliers – are spending more time and money in developing and promoting higher technology products and materials.

3.  E-communications play a more important role than ever before.  Many exhibitors promoted their Weibo and Wechat websites at the shows.  Several exhibitors were also distributing discount coupons to attract visitors to go online for placing orders.

Common Business Concerns

common trends

1.  In the Chiese market, price is still a priority for decision makers.  Homogeneous competition is fierce among local companies with an emphasis on price wars.  Many of the products exhibited are similar in design, quality and price with no differentiation in brand image.

2.  Local products generally lack leading technology (although some of them are trying to make a breakthrough).  Since European and American countries invest more in R & D and have a longer history in product innovation, their products enjoy more popularity in China.  Their quality and design are the hallmark trusted by consumers.  However, price is still a critical factor for a global brand to consider upon entering the local market.


Common Design Trends

Customers are more attracted to the functionality of products nowadays and designers are responding.  For example, many want to know whether they have the ability to protect their body or support their feet.  Trade show attendees/manufacturers came to the Rogers booth interested in PORON® Technologies knowing that can fulfill a number of consumer needs – comfort, protection, resiliency/durability, not to mention eco-friendly.

common trends at the 2013 Asian footwear and sports trade shows

Did any of you see additional trends on your trade show visits?  Please share them with us here!

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