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Carbon Fiber Soccer Shin Guards by IXO® featuring XRD® Impact Protection

Posted by Nicole Perry on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 | No Comments »

IXO shin guardsIf you’re looking for the Lamborghini of soccer gear – then look no further!  We’re very excited to introduce a new XRD® partner – IXO® Ingenieria.  Based in Spain, the IXO® team takes pride in delivering the highest quality, most advanced, carbon fiber designs – or from our standpoint they’re simply works of art! 

We want to thank Pedro Sanchez for answering a few questions about IXO® and their one of a kind offerings for the soccer pro in your household.


 1. Can you give us a brief background about IXO®?  How did IXO® start producing soccer shin guards?

IXO® has worked in the composites field since 2008.  We have focused mainly in carbon fiber, especially in epoxy prepreg technology.  Currently we only produce items using this material, which is vacuum compacted and cured in an oven – as it is the most advanced composite material nowadays.

We produce some pieces for big customers (mainly military focused) that are 85 cm wide.  This can leave around 35 cm wide, all along the piece of fabric, so we decided to produce some additional small pieces to use our material technology.  Using the IXO® brand, this is how we first introduced our decks for skate & longboard, then the soccer shin guards, shoehorns, etc.

2. What makes IXO® soccer shin guards different than typical shin guards on today’s market?

Mainly it’s the different approach from the beginning.  As IXO® is a small company, we focus mainly on the quality of our products.  Our target is to produce the best pieces, using our expertise in handcrafted, high-end products.  A high price tag is the consequence of the extreme quality and finishing of our products, but the care in each small detail (from the finishing to the bags and boxes) is what makes all IXO® products radically different then others.  Watch this short video for additional detail on our process.

3. What are the advantages of using carbon fiber in soccer shin guards?

Carbon fiber composites offers the best combination of strength and lightweight material available today.  Stronger than steel and lighter weight than aluminum, carbon fiber has a terrific resistance to “getting tired.”  This allows us to manufacture pieces very thin (just 1,2 mm thick), very light, and very,very strong – with the ability to support large impacts and forces.  Literally, there is NOTHING that a human being could do to brake one of our shin guards in a football stadium!

4. How does the use of XRD® Extreme Impact Protection help enhance the IXO® design and performance?

We were testing different cushioning materials, but non performed as XRD® Technology in terms of impact absorption, appearance, breathability, lightweight and brand image.  Our state-of-the-art shin guards cannot use other materials, XRD® Impact Protection is simply the best.  Also, (why not?), the nice XRD yellow color contrasts perfectly with the high-glossy finishing of the carbon.


5. What types of players are typically interested in IXO®  soccer shin guards?

We take orders from mainly top-class professional players, of the first football division or category.  But more recently,  many pure aficionados are coming to us because they see the IXO® shin guards a valuable investment into their protection and comfort.   Then, when they receive their custom pair of IXO® shin guards, they are typically impressed with the overall care, quality and finish that has been put into the final design.  You can read customer reviews about our products on our on-line store.

6. We hear customers can order custom engraving on their IXO® soccer shin guards.  What designs have your team found interesting to incorporate onto the shin guards?

Most customers ask for names, and some also with the dorsal number they play with. In some cases the logo of the Club is included, but to do that, we first need a written permission, as brands and logos are registered trademarks.

7. What other products does IXO® manufacture?

We produce different luxury items, such as shoehorns, some furniture and especially the best longboard decks available today in the world!

8. Are new IXO® products coming in the future?

Yes!  As an active company, we’re always developing new products; but always maintaining our commitment to quality and perfect finish.  We want to expand our line of designer furniture, and some home use items for those discerning customers that want something really special.

Also, this year we’ll introduce 2 additional longboard models to complete the line for extreme competition use.

9. Where can people purchase their own custom pair of IXO® soccer shin guards with XRD® Extreme Impact Protection?

The best and easiest way is to shop on our on-line store.

In case of some questions, special needs or inquiries, just drop us a line at: info@ixoplastico.com

IXO logo


Thank you again Pedro for the information!

Nicole Perry

Nicole Perry

Global Market Segment Manager for PORON Comfort materials. Nicole has been involved in the Footwear industry for over 15 years. She also has over 25 years working with high performance materials including custom injection molded and cast polymers for automotive, apparel, electronics, equipment and medical markets. Nicole is passionate about bringing great technologies to market and working with companies that share the goal of helping people enjoy life no matter what they are doing. She holds an MBA from Nichols College.

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