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Customer Relationship Management Tips From Our Annual Pool Opening

Posted by Brian Culley on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 | No Comments »

customer serviceEliminate the debris before it damages your entire customer pool.

We always try to pull the cover off the pool on the first good weekend near the beginning of May, that weekend just happened.  Each winter the pool cover accumulates a variety of debris in the form of leaves, twigs, and such.  These items typically breakdown over the fall, winter, and spring, and create a thin layer of silt on the cover.  Pull the cover off, and the silt simply mixes into the clear pool water to produce a nice green.

This year it seemed that there was not too much silt on the cover.  If I could collect it all, the total would probably fit into a container the size of a quart of motor oil.  Unfortunately though, there was no way to feasibly remove the silt.  So I simply removed the cover and let that quart size of silt mix in to the 25,000 gallons of pool water.  It turns the clear water a deep shade of green.

I was thinking this is exactly what poor service and mistakes do to our customers.  One quart pollutes 25,000 gallons and one mistake pollutes the relationship with our customers.  So every time we don’t return a phone call, ship late or send out material not to spec, we drop the silt into the pool.

The good thing is silt can eventually be filtered out, as can poor customer service, but it takes a lot of effort. Overall we want to try and keep the silt to a minimum and keep the pool water remain clear.

It directly relates to our core corporate values and responsibility to our customers.  Engage employees, satisfy customers and grow together.

What steps do you take to help keep the pool clear?

Brian Culley

Brian Culley

Key account Sales Engineer for XRD Impact Protection and PORON Comfort Technologies.

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