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Designed for Flexibility, Engineered for Impact: Introducing the New XRD® Mini Hex Prototyping Pattern

Posted by Dave Sherman on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 | 2 Comments »

Flexibility – it’s one of the key trends for impact protection apparel and equipment designs.  We understand it may be difficult to take the leap from using traditional hard shell or bulky foams to soft, flexible XRD® Impact Protection solutions.  So we’ve developed a design, testing and prototyping system to help you get there more smoothly.

In our last blog we introduced you to the XRD 810 Series with a brief overview of the XRD 810 Hex.  Today, we’d like to welcome the XRD 810 Mini Hex – smaller in size and thickness than the XRD Hex, yet still able to take a hit while ensuring full range of motion.

The XRD 810 Mini Hex was designed with low profile patterned hinging to help promote freedom of movement and flexibility.  It is ideal for applications where movement is constant and flexibility is a must like with elbows, knees, shoulders.

The low profile design allows the mini hex to work well as a base layer impact protection that can be worn under other clothing and gear but it has the protection level to stand on its own as an exposed pad.

The XRD® 810 Mini Hex is easy to work with, simply:

Example of the XRD Mini Hex Pattern, die cut for knee pad

1. Use scissors to cut a desired shape from your XRD 810 Mini Hex sample. For your use, a pdf pattern of the XRD 810 Mini Hex can be downloaded (A4 version, 8.5″ x 11″ version) for testing your initial shape ideas before you test them on physical samples.

2. Arrange the XRD shapes on your application.

3. Apply the XRD shapes using an acrylic or polyurethane adhesive, fusible web adhesive or insert it into a pocket. (Note: We have found that Pellon’s Heavy Duty Wonder Under paper backed fusible web tends to work well when bonding to apparel)

4. Test, trial and wear your prototype.  Make updates and cut new design ideas as they work for your project.

5. If you are satisfied with your XRD Hex shape, you may order this directly from Rogers (we’ll die cut the final part for you) or work with the XRD Team to develop a custom XRD molded part based from your prototype.

The XRD 810 Hex dimensions (length x width x thickness): 10” x 8” x 0.217” (254 mm x 203 mm x 5.5 mm).  It is available in two different densities: 12 lb/f³ (192 kg/m³) and 20 lb/f³ (kg/m³) and comes in the XRD Vivid Yellow color.  Please contact us for additional PORON formulation requests.


Dave Sherman

Dave Sherman

Technical Design Solutions Manager at XRD® Impact Institute
Dave Sherman is the Innovation Leader at the XRD® Impact Institute - the research, design and testing facility of XRD® Impact Protection Technology. His experience involves a wide variety of foams including polyethlyene, polypropylene, EVA, rubber, polyurethane, silicone, and melamine. He has a Chemical Engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from RPI, as well as over 30 years of experience in the business of developing material solutions to meet demanding customer needs.


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