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Fall…the Season to see XRD Impact Protection in Action

Posted by Joe Blair on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 | No Comments »

The early Fall is always a great time to remember a great Summer and recognize all the different places where one can see XRD® Impact Protection in action.  Well, maybe you don’t but we do.

For sports fans, football is in full action, it’s baseball playoff time, and hockey just dropped the puck to open the season.  These are some of the more popular areas where you can see XRD Impact Protection used for shoulder pads, knee pads, gloves and more.  But, what about some of the other areas we don’t see on TV like the safety industry.  Yup, this industry is huge and has embarrassed XRD Technology over the years.

Every Fall, members of the safety industry join during the National Safety Council Conference & Expo (NSC).  BranIMG_1617ds from around the globe gather to show off the latest and greatest in everything from safety boots using XRD Materials to harnesses used to protect people who build skyscrapers.  It’s an amazing group and even if it doesn’t sound interesting, it really is.  I’m even going to be as bold to say many of the things you do daily and never think about came from this group.  The ladder you use to put up Halloween decorations…who do you think made those things sturdy enough to hold your 250+ uncle.  Or have you ever thought about the gear worn by those on oil rigs while pumping your gas?  I didn’t think so.

People need to be protected and that’s why many brands such as Blundstone, HyTest,M-Guard Carhartt, Justin Original Workboot, Mechanix Wear and other are using XRD Materials.  The XRD Met guards, which are designed into the boot for top of foot protection, allows workers to have lighter and more comfortable boots compared to the old school hard plastic met guard.  As for our partners at MechanixWear, they have designed XRD Materials into the palm and back of hand into some of their glove lines for protection.

So the next time you’re watching your favorite team perform on the field or ice, you might not think of the safety industry but remember, those athletes are being protected by the same materials used by the men and women who are getting their hands dirty on the job.

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