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Favorite Time Of Year For Sports Fans and XRD® Impact Protection

Posted by Joe Blair on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 | No Comments »

XRD protected byAs a fan of XRD Protection and sports, this is one of my favorite times of year.  Football season has started…the baseball playoff picture is getting clearer…NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup has begun….the NHL drops the first puck in less than a month…and the NBA tip-off follows short behind.  So what does this have to do with XRD Protection?  Well, all these sports use XRD Products…yes, all of them.

XRD Protection is used because it is soft and comfortable for the user but when impacted, the product creates a “shield” of protection.  Of course in the high impact sports such as football and hockey, hitting is part of the game and that’s why the top brands and athletes depend on XRD Products to let them concentrate on the game and not the impacts they are getting.

But what about some of the other sports when physical bodies hitting each other are not considered a part of the game such as baseball.  You would think it’s not a impact sport but I bet those who have played catcher will strongly disagree.  Every single play, they are getting a ball thrown at them at high speeds and most of those times they catch the ball.  Imagine what your hand would feel like after getting pounded all day long with a baseball.  This is why our partners at Rawlings design XRD Technology into all their catcher and first baseman gloves.

Rawlings 950X XRD

So how about the other sports mentioned…NASCAR and basketball.  Well, basketball players wear XRD Products for protection against elbows to the rids or blows to the shoulder area.  And NASCAR…next time you’re watching the race, be sure to take a close look at what the pit crews are wearing.  Yup, XRD Protection is designed into their Mechanix Wear gloves.

Mechanix Wear MPact

So the next time you’re getting new gear for whatever sport you’re doing, be sure you check the technology of what’s designed into each product.  If the pros trust it, shouldn’t you?

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