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Hikers And Trail Runners Test PORON Insoles During The 100km Death March

Posted by Stephanie Van Beversluys on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 | No Comments »

100km DodentochtEach year, the small town of Bornem, Belgium gets invaded with hikers and runners from all over Europe.  Well prepared with the right amount of training, food, drinks and a pair of PORON Insoles – these enthusiasts are geared to take the trail and try their best to conquer the 100km Dodentocht (aka Death March).

The Dodentocht is widely anticipated by participants looking to test their stamina and determination during the 24 hour period.  That means 100 kilometers of exhaustion, muscle pain, blisters and at the beginning, darkness as the march commences at 9:00pm. 

This year’s event marked the 44th consecutive march.  Over 11,000 hikers/runners were supported by 1,200 volunteers facilitated their amazing experience.  The Death March gets news coverage from throughout Europe, but we’re most fond of the marchers’ own personal accounts, photos and videos that continue to populate YouTube and the web.

The Europe PORON® Cushioning Team was excited to sponsor this event and found it the perfect opportunity to offer hikers and runners the chance to put PORON Insoles to the test!  We were thrilled to connect with over 550 participants in just five hours as they come to the center of Bornem to pick up their race packets.PORON Team 100K Dodentocht

We’d also like to thank the participants who shared their photos and PORON insole stories with us via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail!  If you haven’t seen the great costumes, scenery and smiles from along the path, we suggest you take a look!

A total of 6,932 people eventually made it to the finish line the next day.  We appreciate the “Thank You’s” from participants who said the PORON Insoles had proven their worth during the trip.  Others are saying they now use their PORON insoles during the days following the march … for extra comfort for their blistered feet.

For those participants of the 2013 100km Dodentocht we didn’t meet, we certainly want to give you the opportunity to test a pair of PORON Insoles.  Simply tag us in a Dodentocht photo on Facebook (@PORONCushioning), send us a note on Twitter (@PORONCushioning) or email us: poron.cushioning@rogerscorp.com.  We also offer monthly opportunities to win great gear from running, hiking, outdoor and sports brands who use PORON Technology.  And mostly, we’d love to hear about your journey!


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