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Innovation and Inspiration Through Partnerships: Preferred Converters

Posted by Nicole Perry on Thursday, July 7th, 2016 | No Comments »

A significant gap exists between what U.S. companies want to achieve in terms of innovation and what they are able to do, said Adi Alon of Accenture Strategy. A recent survey by Accenture of U.S. company executives showed that 60% said their organizations do not learn from past mistakes, nearly double the 36% who admitted this three years ago. Many of these companies (72%) also miss opportunities to exploit underdeveloped areas or markets, up from 53% three years ago. In addition, 67% of those surveyed believe their companies are risk averse, a large increase from 46% in the previous survey.

PC Conference 53
Brands looking for innovation and inspiration can start by scanning other industries for new technologies. A group that knows this best and uses it to great advantage is Rogers’ Preferred Converter Network. Most often active in our general industrial, automotive, or mass transit segments, this global customer network utilizes Rogers’ products and manufactures them into final parts for end customers. The converters offer broad adhesive, lamination, cutting, and processing capabilities. They also create innovative solutions by combining materials or developing new manufacturing techniques to help their customers solve design challenges and create differentiation. Being a member of the Rogers’ Preferred Converter Network is not a prerequisite to purchasing material from Rogers, but the group is integral to feeding ideas and needs of the markets and segments back to Rogers.

The Rogers Global Preferred Converter Conference is an event that greatly facilitates the collaboration between Rogers and the Preferred Converter Network. Held at Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket Connecticut on June 16, 2016, the event drew Preferred Converters from around the world, many of whom have worked with Rogers Corporation for over 40 years. The Conference provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge and generate ideas for growth.

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At this year’s 16th Global Preferred Converter Conference, our team took the opportunity to hold a session on PORON® Comfort and XRD® impact protection materials. In addition to reviewing the wide range of product offerings in both lines, we also led demonstrations and advised on how best to design for the materials. Sessions included “Markets, Materials, Manufacturing, and Mayhem!” and “New Product Shark Tank + Rogers Innovation Center.”

We held two challenges during the Conference. The first was “Follow PORON® Comfort and XRD® Technology on LinkedIn to Join in the Conversation About Industry Trends, New Materials, and New Capabilities.” (We never said our contests had short names!) Congrats to winners Matthew Paul, National Sales & Marketing Manager at MasterPress Inc., and Jim Ferguson, Founder and CEO of Alba-Technic LLC.

Stay tuned for more on our Design Challenge contest!

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Nicole Perry

Nicole Perry

Global Market Segment Manager for PORON Comfort materials. Nicole has been involved in the Footwear industry for over 15 years. She also has over 25 years working with high performance materials including custom injection molded and cast polymers for automotive, apparel, electronics, equipment and medical markets. Nicole is passionate about bringing great technologies to market and working with companies that share the goal of helping people enjoy life no matter what they are doing. She holds an MBA from Nichols College.

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