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Inspiration to Innovation: XRD® Impact Protection Brings Product Design Solutions to Struktur Event

Posted by Dave Sherman on Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 | No Comments »

Stuktur Event

Earlier this month, the XRD® Impact Institute hosted nearly 100 of the active, outdoor, and urban lifestyle markets’ brightest minds at the XRD Innovation Opening to kick-off the second annual Struktur Event.  Struktur is a creative conference for these markets and brings together product design influencers and thought-leaders with a focus on innovation. XRD technology played host to the opening event, which took place at the University of Oregon’s new Innovation Lab in Portland, OR.

Few events bring together design professionals in a setting that inspires creativity and collaboration the way Struktur does, which is why we were so excited to be a part of this year’s summit. As hosts of the kick-off event, the XRD Innovation Opening, we were afforded the unique opportunity to interact with attendees and showcase not only our flexible, repeated impact protection technology, but also the XRD Impact Institute and our integrated approach to design and product development.

The XRD Impact Institute allows XRD engineers and designers to collaborate with our brand partners’ design team to develop reliable protective gear that incorporates the latest innovations.  By utilizing a holistic design approach that starts with in-depth research, moves to design, then prototyping and finally testing, we help our partners ensure their products offer a complete solution that encompasses aesthetics, functionality and proper technology incorporation. In the end, this collaboration helps designers take their product from concept to retail quickly with not only the highest quality engineering and design, but also end-user approval.  Struktur, and the Innovation Opening, provided the perfect platform for us to share this process with the influencers in the active, and outdoor marketplace.

Struktur XRD Impact Institute Process

Stukture DesignThe highlight of the XRD Innovation Opening, not just for me, but for all the attendees, was the design competition – where we put our process to the test and challenged everyone with a design contest using XRD impact protection materials and their product development skills. Teams were tasked with designing a protective case that would keep a wine bottle from breaking when dropped from six feet onto concrete. Winners were not only judged on their design’s protective qualities. Aesthetics and flexibility were also key factors in the judging of everyone’s designs. Amazingly, or maybe the design expertise in the room was an unfair advantage, all but two of the eight entries survived the fall!

Overall it was a great couple of days. It was great to see attendees engage with our brand and impact protection materials in a hands-on way. Many thanks to all who attended for taking part and the Struktur team for creating such an amazing event!

If you are interested in learning more about how the XRD Impact Institute can help take your design from inspiration to innovation – contact us!

Until next time!

 Struktur Design
Dave Sherman

Dave Sherman

Technical Design Solutions Manager at XRD® Impact Institute
Dave Sherman is the Innovation Leader at the XRD® Impact Institute - the research, design and testing facility of XRD® Impact Protection Technology. His experience involves a wide variety of foams including polyethlyene, polypropylene, EVA, rubber, polyurethane, silicone, and melamine. He has a Chemical Engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from RPI, as well as over 30 years of experience in the business of developing material solutions to meet demanding customer needs.

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