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Justin Original Workboots Launching Metatarsal Guard Technology at WESA

Posted by Joe Blair on Friday, January 13th, 2012 | 2 Comments »

For many years, Justin Brands and Rogers Corporation have been partners in providing the best boots in the market.  Justin’s high standards lead them to Rogers years ago to design PORON® Products into the insoles of many of their boots.  Today, that relationship continues to grow with Justin Original Workboots launching safety boots featuring the PORON® XRD™ M-Guard (metatarsal guard).

Justin will be showing the new boots at this weeks WESA show in Denver to retailers from all around the country.  We caught up with the team at Justin to ask them a few questions about the boots.  This is how it went….

–  (PORON) We are so excited you have designed the PORON XRD M-Guard into your safety boots.  What lead you to testing and designing the product into your boots?

–  (Justin) With our long standing relationship with PORON, and their design of the new leading edge Met Guard PORON XRD technology it made perfect since to develop our new Met Guard product offering with historically great history partners.

–  (PORON) What are some of the major advantages you have seen in using the Met Guard

–  (Justin) PORON XRD offers the Met Guard safety and protection without the weight and bulk of past technologies.  I like to say, “it’s like an airbag for your work boots.”  You are required by federal standards to wear a seat belt,  just like workers are required to wear ASTM safety toe products.  Due to the new internal PORON XRD Met Guard offering you get the extra protection without even knowing it’s in the boot.  “Like an air bag in your vehicle”!

–  (PORON) What kind of testing did you do to ensure the M-Guard was going to meet Justin’s standards?

–  (Justin) As always, we test all of our safety products to the updated ASTM standards!

–  (PORON) What are some additional safety features found within the boots?

–  (Justin) Our new Worker II Met Guard product offers a padded gusset and top line, heavy-duty / non-tarnishable hardware, mesh spacer lining for breathability, composite safety toe, comfort flex notch, a washable orthotic with Suede Tech cover, waterproof construction,  our patented J-Flex system, Goodyear welt construction, a solid steel shank, and a Vibram Black Montana TC4 Plus compound outsole!

–  (PORON) We know Justin has a long and rich history.  Can you give us a quick overview of how Justin got started and where you are today?

–  (Justin) “Filling a void in the marketplace in 1997, Justin Original Workboots originally launched as an extension to the iconic Justin Boots brand offering consumers a dependable workboot that stands up to the hardest conditions. Combining performance, function, comfort, and stability with industry-leading technology, Justin Workboots offers best-in-class footwear.

–  (PORON) Who will benefit the most from purchasing your safety boot?

–  (Justin) Core industrial work consumers

–  (PORON) When will these boots hit store shelves?

–  (Justin) May 2012


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