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Neon Colors Trending Hot in Athletic Apparel and Footwear

Posted by Nicole Perry on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 | No Comments »

neon-sneakers_725x377-1359753023If you have been shopping for athletic apparel over the last several months, you can’t help but notice all the eye-popping colors that range from lime green, hot pink and electric blue to more the exotic orchid and tangerine. Having recently come off our Summer ’13 trade show circuit in the US, Europe and Asia, we can confirm that neon trend will continue to appear in your favorite fitness apparel and footwear brands – many of which will include PORON® Cushioning!

So why are neon colors this category so hot?  Some say that it is because athletic wear is the safest and easiest way to wear these highlighter hues, many of which also appear in more costly couture brands strutting the catwalk during Fashion Week.

The cast of physicians in a recent fitness episode of The Doctors said that bold, upbeat colors can motivate you to work out, adding that the color red increases pulse rate, perspiration and elevates brainwaves. And according to a study conducted by the University of Essex, the color green motivates and heightens exertion among cyclists.

No matter the reason, there is nothing like a wake-up color to greet your early morning or late afternoon workout.  And for those of us in the footwear business, we like to say a little pop of color in your shoes is like wearing a party on your feet.

What do you think of the neon trend? Do bright colors motivate you to work out?

Nicole Perry

Nicole Perry

Global Market Segment Manager for PORON Comfort materials. Nicole has been involved in the Footwear industry for over 15 years. She also has over 25 years working with high performance materials including custom injection molded and cast polymers for automotive, apparel, electronics, equipment and medical markets. Nicole is passionate about bringing great technologies to market and working with companies that share the goal of helping people enjoy life no matter what they are doing. She holds an MBA from Nichols College.

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