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New 2014 ZEMgear Footwear Styles Available on KickStarter

Posted by Nicole Perry on Monday, April 21st, 2014 | No Comments »

ZEMgear logo 2We encourage you to visit the ZEMgear page on KickStarter to ensure you’re on the list to receive the first pairs of 2014 fall/winter ZEMgear styles.  You choose the style, color and size – the ZEM team delivers exceptional performance and comfort with the ‘WOW’ factor of total flexibility.

We recently caught up with Christina Bracken, founder of ZEMgear, to get an inside look about the new ZEMgear styles and how you can join in!  The ZEMgear KickStarter Campaign ends on May 20th.  And remember – Every Pair of Happy Feet Counts! 


ZEMgear KickStarter

1: Can you tell us a little about the ZEM team?

Our small ZEM team is a group of great people with an exceptional range of expertise. Together we manage a complex business and work hand in hand on the challenges that come with building a brand and company.

Our experience comes from designing and working with some of the biggest brands in the business. As a result our team has built a reputation for innovative design, sourcing, manufacturing, customer service, logistics, sales, marketing and G&A.


2. What does ZEM stand for?

ZEM stands for the Zone of Endless Motion. Born in the vibrant city of Miami, we believe it’s a place where all dreams can come true.


3. How did the first ZEMgear styles come about?

ZEMgear Men's U-Cross

Men’s U-Cross

My  footwear design company in Miami and was approached by a group of Beach Volleyball Athletes who asked us to solve a problem. They wanted a shoe to protect them from hot and cold sand and debris that could injure them. As we started to understand their specific concerns and needs, we knew we could design a basic shoe. The biggest challenge was that it had to articulate just like a natural foot while offering the power, balance and agility necessary for a true athlete. It also had to stay securely on the foot during rigorous athletic activity.

We took our designs and put them to the test at a Beach Sport-Camp with 250 serious athletes and with their affirmation; The ‘Original Ninja’ Design was born.


4. How has ZEMgear footwear evolved since the first styles?

Today, the ZEM brand offers a comprehensive collection of designs for Wind, Water, Sand and Land; and includes shoes for Fitness, Fashion and an Active Lifestyle. While our basic philosophy of responding to the needs of our customer remains the same, our technology, our materials, our manufacturing processing and our designs have evolved substantially. 



5. What benefits does PORON® Cushioning give to ZEMgear wearers?

PORON® Performance Cushioning brings long lasting comfort and high performance shock absorption in a durable material that withstands even the toughest daily wear. PORON® Performance Cushioning Foam have been engineered to provide maximum shock absorption and impact mitigation from minimum thickness. All of our designs maximize super-lightweight materials and combine them with functional technology for the highest level of flexibility, top performance and unsurpassed comfort.


6. What activities can be performed in ZEMgear footwear?

We believe that ZEM shoes should be used anything you use your feet for. Our designs include models for all activities related to Wind, Water, Sand and Land; as well as many versatile “multi use” shoes. We also make shoes for going to the office, going to the dance club and or simply for hanging out .  Our new cold weather designs will now extend the use of ZEMs into cold and wet weather.


7. What advice do you offer to people who have never tried a pair of ZEM shoes before?

Our shoes are Engineered for WOW! That’s the “new normal” response when people try on a pair of ZEMs. WOW – so comfortable! WOW – great colors! WOW – so easy to put on!  WOW – love the way they make my feet feel!

Strengthening your foot muscle is just like working your bicep or you gluts because your whole body benefits. Help the sensory highway between your feet and your brain to work more smoothly.  What kind of message do you think your brain gets when you slap on a shoe that doesn’t allow the 250,000 nerve endings in your feet to communicate because they are so strangled or tilted or muffled by “well marketed shoes?”


Terra Misu

ZEMgear Women’s Terra Misu

8. What new offerings or designs are being presented on KickStarter?

The KickStarter Campaign focuses on our 2014 Fall Winter collection including our first endeavor into the seasonal shoe and boot market! We are very energized to be offering our ZEMfans who live where the four seasons prevail, something new and exciting for the seasonal months of the year. 

We also offer several new designs with a new outsole ideal for training and active lifestyle: U-Cross, U-Ex and the U-Jane all feature our NuNatural outsole with ventilation for air and water, extra stability and  feature PORON Performance Cushioning insoles.


9. How can people participate and get involved in the next generation of ZEMgear?

That is actually easier than you think. Our Kicksstarter Campaign is designed to reach out directly to our fans and athletes. A Pledge on the ZEMgear.com/KICKSTARTER campaign will give our supporters ZEMs at great savings – and will help us achieve our funding goal to produce the next collection.

Our core philosophy is to listen to the needs of our customer base. We started based on the idea of the beach Volleyball community and the willingness of our design team to listen and engage the process. That’s how we evolved from one design model to two and three etc.

The Fall/Winter “CitiZEM and CitiLUX” product came as a result of the fact that many of our ZEMfans wanted the experience of a ZEM Shoe on a year round basis. You talk…we listen….


Thank you Christina for your time and best of luck on your KickStarter Campaign!

ZEMgear logo





Nicole Perry

Nicole Perry

Global Market Segment Manager for PORON Comfort materials. Nicole has been involved in the Footwear industry for over 15 years. She also has over 25 years working with high performance materials including custom injection molded and cast polymers for automotive, apparel, electronics, equipment and medical markets. Nicole is passionate about bringing great technologies to market and working with companies that share the goal of helping people enjoy life no matter what they are doing. She holds an MBA from Nichols College.

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