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New Season, Better Protection

Posted by Joe Blair on Friday, April 6th, 2012 | No Comments »

What a great time of year….the days are getting longer and warmer, and Major League Baseball has officially begun.  It is only the third day of the season and it has taken a little adjustment seeing players in new uniforms.  I pretty much got used to seeing Pujols in the Angels uniform during the off season but Papalbon as a Philly and a few others will take some adjusting.  And in case you really have not been paying attention, don’t forget the Marlins changed to the “Miami Marlins”.  Changes happen all year long on teams to help make them better.  The same goes for the equipment they are wearing.

The team at Rawlings® is constantly studying and testing products to enhance the performance of the player.  One of the products Rawlings has been testing and designing more and more into their products is PORON® XRD™ Impact Protection.  The material is soft and flexible at rest but when impacted, it momentarily “freezes” and dissipates energy creating a “shield”.  In the sport of baseball when a hard ball is moving  90+ mph, this protection is obviously important.

 Rawlings has designed PORON XRD Protection into the S100 helmet which is standard for all leagues beside the Majors.  It is designed specifically to protect against high-speed impacts up to 100 miles-per-hour.  Rawlings has also designed this technology into chest protectors, leg guard and may of their gloves.  Athletes such as World Series Champion and all-star catcher Yadier Molina have even asked for products designed with more PORON XRD Protection.  Want another player using the product in his equipment….how about a 1st baseman considered by many as the best player in the game (today and historically).  That’s right, Pujols has PORON XRD Protection in his gloves also.

So the next time you’re out looking for equipment, look for Rawlings products with the PORON XRD Impact Protection tag.  If the players at the pinnacle of the sport trust the equipment, don’t you think you should also?

For more information about where to find products designed with PORON XRD Impact Protection, check out www.poronxrd.com

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