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POMPIDOO Camera Bags Launch New Styles with XRD® Impact Protection

Posted by Nicole Perry on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 | No Comments »


POMPIDOO camera bags are designed to make a statement, take care of your camera equipment and last for years to come. The mission of POMPIDOO is to make functional things stylish. We had the chance to ask the following questions to Jevgenija, Marketing & Sales Director of POMPIDOO.

Q: How did the POMPIDOO camera bag collection start?

Irina Kuzmina founded POMPIDOO in 2010 after an exhaustive personal search for a modern and attractive camera bag that she could wear to photo shoots or events failed to yield results. That led her to design her own dream bag, which became POMPIDOO’s first product—the Cologne.

Q: What makes POMPIDOO different from other typical camera bags?

POMPIDOO took the traditional camera bag and remade it, turning it into something stylish that would appeal to fashionistas and photographers alike. Its mission is to make functional products stylish. Offering stylish bags that are a seductive blend of fashion and function, each POMPIDOO product offers the room and protection necessary for expensive cameras and equipment without compromising on look. The company currently offers five designer camera bags handmade from high-quality genuine leather in Europe, for both women and men.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for new designs?POMPIDOO_LB_Aqua2_350

Inspiration comes from our team’s passion for style and aesthetics. We tend to find inspiration is everyday things, details, elements, forms, vivid color combinations and nature itself! For instance, the Kimberly bag evolved around its magnificent diamond-shaped lock we couldn’t miss and Cologne Apple Green color combination so much resembles a watermelon. Moreover, we also keep an eye on upcoming fashion trends to get a feeling what’s hot and looked after. Now that we have flexibility to experiment with bag shapes, we are happy to experiment and try new things out.

Q: How do you balance functionality vs fashion when developing new POMPIDOO camera bags?

Each bag is designed with the company’s dual purpose in mind—they transition seamlessly from a work bag to a day bag, with flexible interior compartments that allow them to be highly functional, whether storing camera gear or other daily essentials. At the same time unique XRD® material not only ensures extreme protection but also allows for creative experiments with bag shapes and forms, which makes POMPIDOO camera bags truly stand out.

Q: How does choosing new materials play into this mix?

We are always on the lookout for new quality materials that can add to POMPIDOO classy looks or functional side. Finding best leathers in top colors of the season is always important, quality accessories and original padding materials is the key. No doubt, we do value relationships with our long-term suppliers, however, we keep eyes open for innovations, which we could partner with.

Q: What are some of the key features/highlights in the Amsterdam line and who would benefit from using this bag?PB_Amsterdam_brown_350

Amsterdam, our debut POMPIDOO Homme (PH) camera bag made with the male photographer in mind. It’s the perfect expression of fashion and function, bold in its masculinity and built to last. This lightweight yet sturdy bag features gorgeous distressed leather and a durable arm strap. Available in three stunning color options, it’s the essential male accessory. And it’s wildly functional, too: Amsterdam will protect DSLR camera with up to two other lenses, a tablet, personal items and is fully organized inside with SMART Velcro dividers and interior storage pockets. XRD®’s features provide extreme impact protection and a special shape of the bag making it a stylish daily companion of a modern man.

Q: How is XRD Impact Protection incorporated into the POMPIDOO line and what design and/or use benefits does it offer?

XRD® is used in two of the POMPIDOO female bags (Kimberly and Lima) as well in the new male bag called Amsterdam. For the design and production team XRD® is a means to overcome certain limitations set by protection layers and padding. This unique material delivers double benefit – protection and style, and is fully in line with the our motto: We make functional things stylish. This material is so thin that new bag models became even more stylish and look like an everyday bag.

Q: Where can people purchase the new POMPIDOO Amsterdam camera bag and other styles?

POMPIDOO line is available on its home website www.pompidoo.com where each bag model can be selected to view various bag images, benefits, descriptions as well as purchased through its webshop. Delivery is arranged practically anywhere in the world and till now, POMPIDOO bags have chosen their home in about 25 different countries.


Nicole Perry

Nicole Perry

Global Market Segment Manager for PORON Comfort materials. Nicole has been involved in the Footwear industry for over 15 years. She also has over 25 years working with high performance materials including custom injection molded and cast polymers for automotive, apparel, electronics, equipment and medical markets. Nicole is passionate about bringing great technologies to market and working with companies that share the goal of helping people enjoy life no matter what they are doing. She holds an MBA from Nichols College.

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