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PORON® Technology at the Sochi Olympics

Posted by Joe Blair on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 | No Comments »

It was impossible to watch the Sochi Olympics without taking note of the myriad of brands represented by the athletes.  From helmets to skis to skates, jackets, beanies, pads, hockey sticks, and more, the Olympics are an advertiser’s dream come true: beautiful athletes using their products in the pursuit of the ultimate sporting reward…OLYMPIC GOLD.  

One of these awesome athletes is Ted Ligety, renowned alpine ski racer, winner of Olympic Gold and founder of Shred.  Ligety is no stranger to Olympic competitions; Sochi will mark his third Olympic showing. Not surprisingly, Shred is no stranger to the competition spotlight either. Their helmets, goggles, and sunglasses were easily spotted on competitors and spectators from around the globe.  However, there is one thing you may not have noticed…..PORON® Technology found in the Shred goggles.

Shred StupefyShred goggles do what no other goggles do:  they incorporate a small valve to keep the pressure between the lenses and the outside equalized.  This means that when you gain or lose elevation, the double lenses in your goggles don’t bend, warp, and cause distortion to your vision.  How does Shred accomplish this without allowing moisture between the two lenses?  You guessed it:  they use PORON Technology.  In yet another application, PORON Materials helps to keep athletes safer, in this case by keeping moisture out from between the two lenses.  PORON Materials allow the parallel surfaces of the inner and outer lenses to be maintained at all times, eliminating distortion. 

The bottom line:  Ted Ligety designs PORON Materials into his goggles and wins Gold at the Olympics…it’s now your turn.  If you’re expecting to gain or lose elevation quickly (like most skier and boarders usually do), wear Shred goggles with PORON Technology to maintain your vision on the hill.

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