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New PORON insoles from Débé put to the test

Posted by Stephanie Van Beversluys on Friday, April 25th, 2014 | No Comments »

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The PORON® Team recently received new PORON insoles designs from our partners Débé.  We typically use these insoles as giveaways and samples for designers to test and trial, but we also like to hear first-hand feedback from our Rogers employees on their experience with PORON and XRD materials.  We’re very lucky to have such a large and willing pool of testers!

Below is feedback from Ilse who works in our Gent, Belgium Customer Service Department.  Thank you Ilse for taking the new Débé insoles with PORON Cushioning for a spin!

During the weekend I like to spend time with my family & friends, running errands, shopping and dancing.

Dancing on high heels can be very painful sometimes, not only the night itself but also the day after. Wearing running or other comfy shoes would be ideal; however they are not really my type of dress code.

So, I was recently asked to try a pair of Débé Insoles made with PORON Performance Cushioning. I’m happy to report I no longer have the inconvenience of painful high heels!

The Débé insoles with PORON Cushioning help me to walk and dance on high heels so much more comfortably, it almost feels as if I am wearing my sneakers.  They are also thin, so no one can see I have them in my shoes, and they spread the pressure evenly over my feet.  They are amazingly comfortable, like dancing all night long whilst having a massage, great isn’t it.PORON Débé Insoles

Moreover, the day after I am no longer doomed to stay inside, and I can go running and do nice things with my family.

I am happy to be able to test the new Débé insole designs with PORON Materials and I will no longer wear heels without PORON Cushioning insoles!

For more information on where you can find other products containing PORON and XRD Technology – visit our PORON Customer Page.

To learn more about how Débé can assist you in designing your next line of insoles with PORON Cushioning, visit the Débé website.

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