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Protect Your Noggin—It’s the Only One You’ve Got

Posted by Joe Blair on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 | No Comments »

It’s almost New Year’s resolution time and for those of you who are not wearing a helmet while skiing or snowboarding, a great resolution is to start wearing one now.  The new Atomic (www.atomic.com) Nomad LF and Affinity LF helmets equipped with PORON® XRD Protection provides a perfect fit instantly and protects your brain all while looking pretty cool.

AN5001604_AFFINITY_LF_WHITEIf you’re like me, you are cautious on the snow.  But even the most reserved skier can catch an edge or be smashed into from behind so why not wear a helmet?  It’s sort of like wearing a seat-belt…you don’t plan on getting into an accident but we all know they can happen.

Helmets do more than protect your head, they can also be a fashion statement and even a head warmer. The Nomad LF and Affinity LF are all-mountain helmets.  The innovative Live Fit technology adapts immediately to the shape of the head: a wide band of breathable PORON® XRD™ Material adapts comfortably and precisely to your head for a perfect fit while providing great protection. In other words, you are not going to feel odd pressure points, frustrating fit or a headache from an ill-fitting helmet. Additionally, the fit of the helmet can be finely adjusted using the special Adaptive Fit system.

AN5001572_NOMAD_LF_BLACKSure a helmet keeps you cozy on a cold day, but does it become a sweat bucket on a beautiful spring afternoon?  Not these helmets.  They have a dual ventilation system: the wearer can regulate air flow separately at the front and rear of the helmet in one easy motion.

If you need more convincing about the benefits of a helmet… Johns Hopkins doctors say using helmets when skiing or snowboarding decreases the risk and severity of head injuries.  OK…you don’t have to be a doctor at Johns Hopkins to realize wearing a helmet is a good thing but new studies and tests are coming out frequently which makes you think about the people who are not wearing a helmet.

And really, you might be the last person to buy a helmet if you are not already wearing one:  According to the 2009/10 NSAA National Demographic Study 57 percent of US skiers and boarders wore a helmet.

So for this New Years, if you’re not wearing a helmet while heading up on the hill, make sure you hit your local ski shop and pick up the Atomic Nomad LF or Affinity LF…your noggin will thank you for it.

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