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Protecting Players Hands At The World Series

Posted by Joe Blair on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 | No Comments »

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The leaves are changing, the mornings are getting cooler and the World Series has pinned two of baseballs most storied teams against each other…the St. Louis Cardinal’s vs. the Boston Red Sox. A season that started back in March and will award the 2013 champion in the next few days. It’s amazing what ball players go through to get to this point.

Players on both teams take thousands of swings and catches that is a continuous strain on the body. Of course with PORON® XRD® Protection designed into much of the equipment found on the field, this grind is a bit more manageable.

The two positions that take the most hits day in and day out are the catchers and first basemen. These players take a pounding on their glove hand from all the balls they are catching. Because of this protecting players hands is very important and this is why Rawlings has designed PORON XRD Protection into the palm of players gloves creating superior hand protection. How does this protect the players hands? When the ball comes screaming into a players glove and impacts XRD, the molecules in the material momentarily bonds together dissipating the energy. In other words, it makes sort of a shield for the players hands.

Of course this is a huge benefit and step up from gloves of the past. Just think of the catchers. They are not just taking 150+ pitches each game. They are taking warm ups before the game and before each inning. When a persons hand is being hit hundreds times in a span of four hours, you need all the protection you can get. But not just anything will do….these players are at the highest level in the game who ask for and demand the best.

So the next time you’re out looking for a new baseball glove to either celebrate the World Series or start getting ready for Spring Training, be sure to look for PORON XRD Protection designed inside. You might not be taking the same type of pitches that Cardinals Gold Glove catcher Yadier Molina is taking but, the one’s you are getting hurt just as much so you might as well be protected as he is.

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