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Rogers Helps HyTest® Revolutionize Metatarsal Safety Shoes

Posted by Susan Reed on Friday, January 26th, 2018 | No Comments »

XRD® Technology Provides Innovative Top-of-Foot Protection Without Sacrificing Comfort

Customer Problem

HyTest® Safety Footwear, a division of Wolverine Worldwide, is known for its award-winning, innovative product development in safety. One of HyTest’s most innovative developments came when their designers were seeking to answer a client’s challenge to build a stronger, safer metatarsal boot for hazardous working conditions. Without metatarsal protection in your safety boots, it doesn’t take much of an impact to cause a painful, disabling injury because all those bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves on the top of your foot are exposed and unprotected. HyTest boots already used external guards to protect this sensitive area, but to make a steep change in protection, they needed a revolutionary solution—one that would make their boots test significantly better than a typical metatarsal boot.

HyTest metatarsal bootThe Rogers Solution

The technical team at Rogers Corporation offered HyTest an exciting, new, internal metatarsal guard made of XRD® Technology. XRD® Materials are microcellular, open-cell, breathable polyurethane foams that are amazingly effective in dissipating the energy of high speed impacts.   It stays flexible and comfortable allowing complete mobility for the wearer until impacted. Despite being light-weight and very thin, XRD Materials can effectively dissipate up to 90% of the energy of a high-energy impact.  This innovative material can be used in just about any kind of boot or shoe, without affecting the look or comfort of the boot or shoe. HyTest boots with XRD Metatarsal Guards tested above the required industry standards, fulfilling stringent ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 MT/75 EH safety ratings.


Through the collaboration between Rogers and HyTest, a revolutionary metatarsal solution was born. Using XRD Technology as an internal guard, HyTest created a three-part design they call “Super-Guard X”, which incorporates a two- piece external metatarsal guard for added protection. Together, this impressive design is testing well above the industry standard for metatarsal protection. Workers can now enjoy a higher performing safety boot without sacrificing style, protection, flexibility or comfort.

Matthew Gould, Product Manager for HyTest commented, “Our customers often work under dangerous and hazardous conditions. We are proud that, with Rogers’ innovative XRD technology, we can offer these workers a tougher boot with a major step-change in foot protection without sacrificing worker comfort.”

Customers trust HyTest’s product performance, knowing the boots will work as hard as they do. Now they can trust the performance of XRD material to work even harder.

Susan Reed

Susan Reed

Marketing Communications Manager for the Rogers Elastomeric Material Solutions Marketing team. With over 20 years of marketing experience in technology and manufacturing organizations, she is responsible for leading the development of the strategic marketing communications activities across the business. Susan holds degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Southern Connecticut State University.

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