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The Sports Just Keep Coming

Posted by Joe Blair on Thursday, April 11th, 2013 | No Comments »

I feel like I’m saying this a lot but hey sports fans…what a great time of year.  We were just treated to the college men’s and women’s basketball championships and now we roll right into the Masters, college hockey championships and NBA and NHL playoffs starting shortly.  Let’s not forget the Kentucky Derby and the start of baseball season where you can already hear fans talking about the World Series as well as who will be basement dweller for the next 5+ months.

The sporting schedule has become so dialed in that once one sport ends another one is in full gear.  Almost every weekend throughout the year has people excited to tPORON blogune in to see who will take the number one spot or who will be hoisting a trophy.  Makes you think how long ago did sport Commissioners, Athletic Directors and TV producers start negotiating contracts around ratings and adjust the schedules.  This may have started naturally but, I’m sure over the years many sports had to adjust to ensure good ratings.

Go ahead and look at your calendar…you will see just a handful of weekends that don’t have some “big” sports thing going on.  And for those open weekends, you can probably bet a big boxing or MMA match will be scheduled.  Regardless of schedules, sports fans are a lucky bunch when it comes to watching their favorite teams year-round.

As for those of us not playing in championships on TV, it’s time to dust off the bike, fishing pole, trail running shoes or whatever you’re into and get out to enjoy.  The days are getting longer and the flowers are coming up and we all know it won’t last forever.

Of course we don’t want to miss any play or golf shot that will be talked about in the office on Monday.  So before you settle into a good spot on the couch for the big game, get outside and run around a bit….it’ll make the nachos taste so much better.

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