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‘Tis the Season for Comfort in your Party Shoes

Posted by Joe Blair on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 | 1 Comment »

For those who do not wear high heels on a daily bases (and for even those who do), the holiday can be a dreadful time of year.  With the holidays come parties, with parties come dressing up and the shoes can be as painful as the conversation with your close talking neighbor.  But never fear…Foot Petals (www.footpetals.com) are available to make this experience more enjoyable then ever…at least for your feet.

In 2001, Foot Petals created a revolutionary niche in the footwear industry by developing the first fashionable and comfortable premium products for women who have a love/hate relationship with their sexy shoes.  The unique products provide a variety of solutions to those sore and achy feet.  Ball of your foot hurt….try the Tip Toe; how about the blisters on your heels….test out the Heavenly Heelz for a solution; have comfort and cushioning problems from the ball of your feet to the bottom of your heels….got to have a pair of Killer Kushionz.

Foot Petals cushions help keep feet cushioned, properly positioned, prevent calluses and protect bones and tissue.  They are made from PORON® Cushioning (www.poroncushioning.com) which absorb shock; repels moisture, bacteria and odor; and never goes flat and keeps its shape.  Another advantage is you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort….Foot Petals are available in colors that blend with many styles of shoes.

Now in its 10th year, Foot Petals continues to grow and has been awarded the Allure Editor’s Choice Awards Seal.  Today, more than 20 varieties of solution oriented leg and footwear products for women are offered by the brand.

So, before you head out to you next holiday party, make sure you grab some Foot Petals because you know that conversation with the close talker is coming so you might as well be comfortable with what your wearing on your feet.


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