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When Does Summer “Really” Start?

Posted by Joe Blair on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 | No Comments »

“When does Summer really start?” was a question I received from my five year old the other day.  I live in Colorado and my children have been out of school since the end of May.  But according to the calendar, Summer started June 20th and my niece in New York just graduated High School yesterday.  So even though this question was coming from a five year old, it made me think…when does Summer really start?

IMG_4033What I have come up with is Summer starts for most of us at a certain “event” each year.  This can be a family reunion BBQ on Memorial Day, graduation, birthday, certain baseball game or a number of different things.  For me, Summer begins at the annual GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, CO.  This is an event that brings people from around the country together to participate in many different mountain sporting events…kayaking, SUP’ing, mountain biking, trail running, slack lining, and much more. It also has concerts, kids activities, dog jumping, and lots of vendor booths.

From a personal side, the event is a lot of fun for the whole family and my kids love it.  I also have the bonus of getting a little “work” done at the games.  Reason…many of the athletes at the Games are using PORON® Comfort and XRD® Materials. 

On the XRD® Impact Protection side…you have kayakers wearing Sandiline base layer gear to protect them while going down some of the meanest rivers.  Then we move to dry land and you have bikers wearing IMG_4124G-Form to protect their knees and elbows from encounters with tree branches and rocks.  Staying on dry land, we move to PORON® Comfort…here we find athletes with an amazing lung capacity running a half marathon or 10k starting at 8,100’ above sea level.  Of course these athletes need the best product available so they purchase shoes with PORON® Comfort underfoot giving them the performance they need as well as a product that will not break down while training or on race day.

I’m sure the regular reader of this blog does not look at events the same way we do, but it’s amazing how many places PORON Products and XRD Protection can be found.  For one weekend a year, the ski resort town of Vail turns into a Summer mountain sports enthusiast Mecca. And it’s also loaded with PORON Comfort and XRD Protection fans.

So if your Summer is just starting or if you’ve been enjoying some lazy days already, the real point is it doesn’t matter when your Summer “starts.” It’s all about getting out and enjoying before old man winter starts nipping at our noses again.

Happy Summer!!

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